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Enterprise data services company Tulip Telecom bags four orders worth nearly Rs 200 cr

Enterprise data services company Tulip Telecom bags four orders worth nearly Rs 200 cr

NEW DELHI: Enterprise data services company Tulip Telecom today said it has bagged four large network and data centre orders in the public and private sector worth nearly Rs 200 crore.
Tulip secured a three-year order worth Rs 48.88 crore from the Rajasthan government under the central government-funded Rajasthan State Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) project, Tulip Telecom said in a statement.

In addition, it bagged a Restructured Accelerated Power Development Reforms Programme (R-APDRP) project in Bihar worth Rs 24.78 crore over a period of five years, besides a connectivity order from Sahara parabanking worth Rs 50 crore.

Furthermore, Tulip has been awarded a five-year, Rs 75 crore data centre order for the new Bangalore facility of a large global telecom major.

"We are happy to partner with the government and private players in our endeavour to build and strengthen the network infrastructure in the nation," Tulip Telecom Chairman and Managing Director H S Bedi said.

The cumulative value of the new orders is Rs 198.66 crore. During Q2, FY'12, the company's total revenues stood at Rs 702.94 crore.

"The order of a data centre for the new Bangalore facility from a large global telecom major is totalling to Rs 75 crore for a period of five years. As of now, the government orders are contributing about 10 per cent in the total revenues of the company, which will grow up to 20-30 per cent in the next two years," Tulip Telecom CEO Sanjay Jain told PTI.

For the CCTNS project in Rajasthan, Tulip will deploy and integrate platforms used by the state and the Centre for tracking criminals, as well as deploy information and communication technology infrastructure at 1,172 locations, including all police stations and higher offices across the state of Rajasthan, the release added.

Under the Bihar R-APDRP project, Tulip will provide data connectivity services (supply, installation and commissioning of internet and other connectivity services) under the guidance of the Ministry of Power.

This is the sixth R-APDRP order bagged by the company, the other five being located in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh. The cumulative value of R-APDRP projects being implemented by the firm stands at Rs 250 crore.

Meanwhile, Sahara parabanking, a leading player in the NBFC domain, placed an order for connecting 3,000 of its operational locations within India. The connectivity infrastructure will enable the company to align its go-to-market strategy across India, the release said.

Are We Obsessed With Facebook? | INFOGRAPHIC

Hello guys, I have a very nice collection of Infographics. So from today i am going to start all my pics post.
From now you can learn and grab knowledge by watching pic.
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This pic will show you how you that how much we are obsessed with Facebook. There are some conclusions as well as number surveys. So kindly watch whole pic in detail.


SME Security Solution of the Year is Unified Threat Management Firewall NETASQ U70

NETASQ U70 wins prestigious award at this year’s Computing Security Awards

London, 14 November 2011 Network security pioneer and innovator NETASQ, has won a coveted award from the recent Computing Security Awards in a ceremony that took place on November 3rd in London. Its flagship firewall for small and medium-sized businesses, the NETASQ U70, fought off stiff competition to win SME Security Solution of the Year.

Francois Lavaste, NETASQ President & CEO commented, “Our achievements in delivering a product for the SME market that delivers high protection, with absolutely no compromise on performance has been confirmed with the winning of such a prestigious award. We work hard to ensure that all our products deliver the most innovative technology for securing businesses of all sizes, and such awards validate our success and commitment to that approach.”

NETASQ U70 and NETASQ U30 appliances are based on the same optimised software and hardware architecture as the enterprise models and benefit from the same award-winning technology that gained NETASQ the most comprehensive EU and NATO certifications of any enterprise firewall. As with all NETASQ UTM devices, the NETASQ U70 comes with all levels of protection delivered as standard and enabled by default without compromising performance or control.

With over 75,000 unified threat management firewalls deployed to business, government and defence organisations of all sizes, NETASQ delivers solutions of unrivalled performance, protection and control and the most comprehensive EU and NATO certifications of any firewall. NETASQ is present in 40 countries and has been securing businesses since 1998.

Benefits Of PHP Web Development | By Chintan Gurjar

PHP Web Development suitable or suited to its increasing advantages, its Statement is growing in Openwork Occurrence ground. It is basic that calling developers are informed of PHP Event to realize their choices superior. Along with Linux and MySQL, the technology has appeared as individual of the most cooperative and direct mesh programming platforms. Whether you deficiency an easy website or an Express database in the back end  a forum place or a purchaser friendly size direction cabal, PHP offers you pron. all and that are open, except for charges of PHP developers. If a duty forces requests a perfect and resolved website for lesser value then PHP Web event is the ultimate election.

Nowadays,  of the businesses are creating their websites with facilitate of CMS as it has lots of benefits, which can be created by both place owners and users as fit. It provides to use keywords and description for using it to come it over in the Google index. It is an open source It. allows website owners as well as users to navigate the website very easily and flawlessly.  

PHP is based on C++ programming wording and the syntax Used in PHP pretty resembles or like one another to C, C++. There is Great community of developers who Silence believes that C/C++ is still the finest programming wording. For every website to obtain sensible advance it can be employment Capacity Administration Scheme such as Joomla, Advice Move etc. here PHP and MySQL are extremely accommodating in succeeding CMS functioning. There are so numerous IT companies which Provision First characteristic PHP lace work event tome from India. The reasonableness for Outsourcing PHP incident to India is that it is eminently price Effectual with superior character. In the authority arable of Openwork and software occurrence services we bear achieved enormous amount to of success with skilled and skilled PHP programmers.

CMS approved  the Best recourse as it smoothes the modification of a mundane website into a customized website that qualifications lasting event. If you lack to brand your website Explicit, true, pliable and arresting, then all your scarcity to do is only depart for CMS openwork Development.

And here comes the choosing of an effectual dimension's direction plot that would aid you raise the standards among the ability customers. You slant to give birth to a dynamic manage over your website and conserve it as the orbit you like. 

There is no denying to the reality that Size Administration Plot is beautifying a keystone, and the application is inescapable. It indirectly decides your lace work days or time to come and consequently. It becomes chief for you to elect the finest.

In addition, PHP 5.0 pass on ease come across favor amidst the PHP Programmers with its mistake handling capabilities so just now your application can apprise the purchaser of what the problems are. Furthermore, PHP 5.0 pass on ease come across favor amidst the PHP Programmers with its mistake handling capabilities so just now your application can apprise the purchaser of what the problems are.

A Brief Introduction To Android Application Development - By Chintan Gurjar

What is Android ?
Android is a free open source operating system. Android is Linux based operating system. Android supports Java language more. People think that Google has bought or owned. But this is not right. More than 60 companies have accepted this new upcoming system. In these all companies mobile companies are involved same way manufacture companies and hardware software and web developing companies are also involved. Android os has come in many versions. Android 1.5 1.6 and 2.x are famous and used world wide. Android is a faster growing platform now a days in a mobile application development field.

There are several advantages of the Android mentioned as below.
Android uses SQLite for its data storage.
It also supports P2P connection. So real time communication can be done with the help of android.
IT supports many technology like Camera, touch screen, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, EV-DO and many more technology.
It supports GSM, CDMA and EDGE cards.
Which are the requirement for the Android application development ?
Because android is a flexible os. One can write it on any platform. One can write it on Microsoft windows (Xp, vista or windows 7).It also supports MAC os for the development. A developer can develop a android application even on Linux platform.
To start developing the application a developer needs the following things.
Java Development Kit (JDK) version 5 or 6
Android SDK
These are the basic requirements for the developing but other than these one can use the following tools too.
The android emulator.
AAPT Then go to any website of android development and people are teaching there for free. The betterway to learn from a youtube.
Android are easily downloadable from the android market with 3rd party. It can be used for various purpose like mobile web development, mobile application development, mobile gaming development. There are more than 100000 android application developers in the world. Now days android gaming craze is increasing day be day due to its versatility and good graphics design. The main advantage of Android gaming is that one can run it on any android os enable mobile because any game will work on even a low version of the OS. Its minimum requirement of running is Android OS version 2.0.
The future of Android
In future android will take place of the windows desktop platform. It will surely for in smart phones and PDAs more than 70%. So the future of the android application development is also bright.

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A Brief Introduction To Software Development - By Chintan Gurjar

What is software or Software System?
Software is a one kind of system, or we can say the package which is used in many organizations. There are various types of applications such as scientific applications, mathematical applications, engineering applications, business applications.

These are the fields in which the applications are used, but the types of the software are also different. It can be a simple software. It may be a complex one. Some software is single user software where others are wide enterprise usable software. Some are informational software where others are real time software.

Software Development Life Cycle

Software development life cycle includes four parts.

Analysis: In this phase of the life cycle, a developer or the software engineer gathers the information. She/he collects the data to build the software. He / She also organized the flow of the data and the method to build it.

Design: In this phase data flow has to be defined on paper. Furthermore, with these Algorithms and the modules are defined, which are going to be implemented in the software development.

Coding: In this phase, real development of the software started. Coding is an important part of this life cycle. It is also time-consuming and difficult sometimes as per the customer’s requirement.

Testing: After the creation of the software, testing team tests the software. They check this for the tool’s efficiency. Performance. They also find bugs and patch them.

For software development, there are many modes to development it, which has its own methodology but among all two models are popular, which are as follows.

Waterfall Model : This model works on only one-way direction.

A requirement -> Design -> Implementation -> Verification ->Maintenance

If this phase are completed, then it doesn’t go back for the whole procedure again for further changes in the development.

Spiral Mode : This model is better than the waterfall model because it follows a spiral direction way, but also it goes for the same procedure from start to end for the further changes as per the client’s requirement. The flow of this phase is mentioned as below.

...Analyze -> Design -> Implementation -> Testing ->(Customer Interference for changes as per his/her need) -> Analyze -> Design -> Implementation -> Testing...

Feasibility Report:

Feasibility Report is on paper description in which many things are included. This report has an estimated cost to building software. This report involves the legal, economic and the technical responsibilities as well as risk factors. Report also includes the estimated completion date of the software.

This report is submitted to the client before starting the coding phase.

As the IT field going up day by day the demand for the software development will surely increase. The new languages are gifted to IT field now days for the software development and the web development which reduces the labor labor of the engineer or the developer and makes them to think logically for development. It also reduces time complexity and increases the efficiency and performance.

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A Brief Introduction To E-Reputation - By Chintan Gurjar

Introduction: whatever the people do and not do on the internet makes an online reputation of them on the internet world. The Internet is a robust collection of information and data. It is more important, that how you react on a particular situation and what is your impact and contribution in a particular matter within the internet. It creates reputation, which is more beneficial for the business success of your organization, whether it is small or big.
Define E-Reputation:
E-reputation is generally identified as a professional presence in the online market. It includes every single small & big activity on the internet executed by you. Activities may be in a form of blogging. Social networking, website maintenance and, etc. People also compare your online reputation with other successful personalities of the internet that is of your field, and they are your competitor. Social media sites play an essential role in E-Reputation. Mostly, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare come in that. The reason is that, among from all. These social-networking sites have a large amount of users.

Issues faced in E-Reputation:
There are some common problems or the issues which are faced by some people on the internet. Sometimes their image or photos of profile picture and other photos are used by others without their permission. Personal information might be leaked or disclosure by someone on the internet. So safety and security of your data and information at your side is more important in such cases. Always make negative impact on online. Because negative impact may be influenced or quoted by someone else,and it may also happen that your negative impact or action can cause some reaction towards you.
Tips To Get Rid from This Type Of Issues:
If someone has uploaded your photo, and if he or she is your friend, then ask them kindly to remove it with the proper reason or the reason of impact. Kindly check the security of your digital gadgets and all internet email ids and accounts so that any attacker doesn't hack your information. You should be aware that you do not disclosure your personal information on the internet anywhere. In blogging and article posting, always write articles in your own words. No copy parallelism should be there in your article. Check other blogs and all social-networking sites to make sure that if anyone is quoting about your saying.
Why is it important to consider E-Reputation?
In Real life, no one cares a bit about what others think of you, but this scenario is more valuable in a digital world. Compare to your real life, there are numbers of people in the world, who are interested in your life, in your online activities. It is said that more than 70% recruiters, searches employees for their company online. If your E-Reputation is good, then you will be optimized from all other employees, and you may get the job or a particular task. Compare to Job's portals it is surveyed that 50% of recruiters find their employees from the social-networking websites. Person's behavior on the internet is more important. Abusing in social media is not good for his or her E-Reputation. It is surveyed that 5% out of 100% companies have fired their employees due to abusing in media directly or indirectly. E-Reputation is more important in a success of your business. It can be appreciated by geeks and tech pundits, on the other side it can also be commented or influenced by people who don't like you or your business. Last but not the list you reputation are in your hand. Do not let people allow making your reputation.
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Lets Create HUB - By Chintan Gurjar

Hub Pages is your online space to share your advice, reviews, useful tips, opinions and insights with hundreds of other authors. Hub Pages is completely free, and you can even earn online ad revenue!
Description on Homepage.

A free blog hosting community with easy to navigate content. Hub Pages is a feature rich platform offering answers, forums, feeds and money making opportunities.
Here is a video demostration that how to create hub and how to publish it online.

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Email :-

Video Tutorial : How to create a google plus page - By Chintan Gurjar

Hey friends, today we are here to present a video for you about Google+ which is on race with rivals Face book and Twitter. As we all know that comparatively there are too many Face book and twitter users compared to Google+. 

So Google has been in constant research to improving its social media site named Google+
The recent news about Google+ is that it has launched Google+ page, which is a new or extended feature to its sole social media site Google+.

The Google+ page will allow users to create pages which may be a formal page of any corporate firm, a local storekeeper’s page or it may be a page of a popular band or team of a country.
Now this is something unique that is launched by Google recently, let me show you how to create a Google+ page and will explain you to access some of the basic features with support from Lets Nurture a Website development company.

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A Brief Introduction To Internet Threat DDOS - By Chintan Gurjar

Why DDOS became a world's number one threat to IT Business?

What is DDOS?
DDOS is known as Distributed Denial of Service. DDOS attack is intent to cause a web service incurable, unavailable or unusable. Specialty of DDOS attack is that there is no limit of the number of the machines which are going to target a particular website or the host. The nature is in his name quoted "Distributed". In simple words the number of machines from the world sends unlimited number of connections to a particular single domain or the website. Suddenly traffic increases and that site or domain would not able to bare a sudden load and it goes down or temporary unavailable. Due to coming traffics from various IP addresses at a time, it is more difficult to detect and block traffic of all IP addresses.

Let's Go To Year 2000
First ever DDOS attack was faced by a famous search engine yahoo. Due to this attack yahoo got unavailable for 2 or 3 hours in worldwide. In a result of that yahoo had to face a big amount of loss in money in advertising revenue. E-Bay and CNN was also the victim of DDOS attack.

How Does Actually Attack Happen?
Here I have mentioned some common detailed steps that how this attack is actually done.
Step 1:-
First of all attackers scans a large amount of computers or networks for the open vulnerability. There are 65,535 port of any single machine. Attacker scans this all ports of each machine. This scenario is hard to accept theoretical but the logic is that this can be done within an hour with the automated tools. It can be done with the help of various port scanners. As a result of that port scanners gives attacker the list of the IP address of the machines on which the ports are open.

Step 2:-
As I have told, after the scan it gives attacker a vulnerable machine's ip address list. Then attacker decides to involve all machines in his attack. These systems are known as handlers. The common method of this is stack based buffer overflow. When this process is done then buffer gets overflowed. And the particular malicious data is stored on the Vitim's machine. This victim is not the real victim on which attacker is going to attack. He or she uses this victim to attack main victim. Now on that machine, attacker has his or her control. He can send commands to and the vulnerable machine will execute that command. This senerio doesn't happen to only one but it happens in 1000 or may be more vulnerable machines. That's why it is more difficult to catch the actual attacker in DDOS attack.

Step 3:-
After the gaining access to the system another attack is generated in order to take command in his/her hand whenever they want in future. This can be done with the help of RATs, Backdoors, Root kits or a Trojan

Step 4:-
Final attack takes place here. Hacker or attacker sends commands to their handlers or the vulnerable machines on which he has gained access. The attack can be in a manner of flooding.

For example if an attacker has command over 100 machines and if he sends instruction that each machines has to ping a particular websites 100 times then, simple calculation 100* 100 = 10000 hits goes to the website and it may go down.

To put in a nutshell, DDOs attack is very advance attack, executed by hackers to crash a whole network. There would be a large number of impact goes on a business like cost impact, delay of work impact, E-Reputation impact. Internet became more users friendly and handy in last 15 years. So it is obvious that hacking activity will take place for a sure later or sooner. To cure this big flaw there should be a recruitment of the ethical hacker, network administrators and cyber security experts who has an ability to detect and mitigate the attack in organization. Because, prevention is better than cure.

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