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Is Affiliate Marketing Allowed, In Blogger?

Anxious blog owners ask the question periodically, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue.
Is affiliate marketing allowed, in Blogger?
And the truth is that there is no prohibition against affiliate marketing, by name.

If the blog content is legal, you can do anything. The question is, can you make a Blogger blog, and use affiliate marketing, and not run afoul of Spam and TOS guidelines?

A description of "affiliate marketing" - or maybe the problems involved - would be a good place to start.

Affiliate marketing networks consist of blogs and websites, linked through ads. The reader, who clicks on an ad in a blog, is redirected to another affiliate blog - randomly selected by the redirector.

Blogger blogs need informative and interesting content, to attract traffic.

A blog, to successfully host ads, needs its own unique content, that both
  • Is interesting or informative, to your readers - and to the search engines.
  • Is relevant to the nature of the products advertised.

Too many blogs that involve affiliate marketing depend upon the affiliate relationship to both provide traffic to, and reward for ads hosted on, the blog. That's where the problem starts.

Ads need to be relevant to subject of the posts - and to the readers.

When you have a network of affiliate blogs and websites, where the only thing common between the blogs and websites is the affiliate relationship, the problem becomes worse.

Blogs that host ads, that are not relevant to the content of the blog, or to the interests of the readers, are considered spam hosts.

As an example, AdSense is a contextual service. AdSense ads are chosen according to content of the posts.

Non contextual ads still need to be relevant to the post content - and this may not be the case, with affiliate ads.

Ads that link blogs with illegal content can also use affiliate techniques.

Some blogs with illegal content can also link to similar blogs. In this case, all blogs are detected, and deleted.

Bookmakers setup blogs which focus on various gambling activities, like sports betting.

Bookmaking is a popular blog topic - and bookmakers have been known to setup affiliate networks - which can be deleted when detected.

Network membership does not provide content - it links to content.

Affiliate marketing network membership, by itself, does not provide content - and blog readers are not cattle, to be shifted from blog to blog, randomly.

If a reader clicks on a link, he expects to be taken to another blog with relevant or similar content, with complementary information - not just complementary ads. Ads are not content - they are, at best, decorations.

Both Blogger Content - and Google Terms Of Service contain details.

If you publish a blog and intend to include affiliate networking, stay well within the limits, described in Content and TOS. If you cross the line, you may not get a warning, in time to save your blog.


Some #Blogger blog owners join affiliate marketing networks, to both gain traffic and get paid for providing traffic. They do not care that their readers, clicking on an affiliate ad, may wind up on another blog or website with completely different content - but the same ads.

The affiliate network both compensates for the clicks by the readers, and transports the readers randomly, from blog to blog. To an affiliate redirector, one blog is as good as another - and this makes the affiliate links spam.

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The Followers Gadget, And Internet Identification

How many of you have used your favourite Internet application recently - and received a convenience login suggestion?
To continue, please tell us who you are!

Login with your FaceBook, Google, or Twitter account.
Many small business Internet services, instead of making you setup one more unknown account, are letting you login, and use their product, based on your FaceBook, Google, or Twitter account.

This is not a magical concept. It requires a lot of work, to make this happen.

The major Internet services, such as FaceBook, Google, and Twitter, act as identification sources for many smaller services.

Letting FaceBook, Google, and Twitter identify us is good, for everybody.

With FaceBook, Google, and Twitter providing identification services, we see a win - win - win situation.
  1. FaceBook, Google, and Twitter get to set the standards for identification - and make the Internet safer for everybody.
  2. The lesser known services can concentrate on their product - and not worry about identification.
  3. The users of the lesser known services have one less account / password to maintain.

I login to AddThis, using my Google account. That's one less account, for me to maintain.

This is called Open Protocol Authorisation - or OAuth. I use OAuth to login to AddThis - and to other services, at various times.

Followers used to use OpenID Authentication - and complicated code.

For many years, Blogger used a similar concept - OpenID authentication - with the Followers gadget. People could Follow our blogs, using a Twitter, Yahoo, AIM, Netlog, or OpenID account - and they could identify their activities (similar to our Blogger / Google+ profiles) using a profile hosted by Orkut, Netlog, Plaxo, or Twitter.

This use of a third party service, for account and / or profile hosting, is not magical. OAuth / OpenID standards or not, each different service has its own peculiarities. Coding, to allow for these peculiarities, makes the Followers gadget more complicated than it should be.

Complicated code is not good. Blogger has to maintain duplicated code to allow for different browsers, operating systems, world wide government bureaucrats, and more. More time spent fixing problems == less time spent improving features.

Followers has shown problems to different people, at various times.

The Followers gadget, for many years, has well known problems.

"Were sorry ...

This gadget is configured incorrectly."

Everyone who uses Followers, on their blogs, has surely seen this notice.

The gadget, on this blog, has shown that error, more than once. Many would be Followers have told me so.

Many of us have tried to surf the Followers gadget, on their favourite blog, and seen this display too.

A lot of people saw the latter, in 2015, when using the gadget on this blog.

Now, Blogger is simplifying Following - and dropping some Followers.

This year, Blogger Engineers are removing excess code in the Followers gadget, to make it more reliable. This requires removal of code which supports OpenID accounts in Twitter, Yahoo, AIM, and Netlog - and profiles hosted in Orkut, Netlog, Plaxo, and Twitter.

Now, Following supports only Blogger / Google / Google+ accounts and profiles. Note that Blogger / Google / Google+ accounts do not have to be GMail.

Removal of the excess code requires removal of the OpenID accounts and profiles. And, we have been seeing our Followers counts drop, since mid December 2015.

It's important to note that anybody "Following" our blogs, using OpenID, can continue to use any email or third party newsfeed subscription - neither of which are affected by the account / profile cleanup. They were not using Reading List to read our blogs, since Reading List requires a Blogger account. And with the Followers gadget broken, no new readers were surfing to our blogs.

I don't like the drop in numbers, any more than the next blog owner. But I also don't like being unable to surf, using the Followers gadget.

So, I'll endure what looks like a 20% drop in Followers count - and be able to use the Followers gadget. And hope that having a working gadget, with less Followers, will still lead to more traffic - more so than having a broken gadget with more Followers. And, move forward.

And, my deepest apologies to those of you who were Following - but are not now - and wanted to find out why you were dropped.

Just use a Blogger / Google account, and Follow again, using a working Followers gadget, or using the Reading List wizard, please. And we'll put this sad story behind us.

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Follow By Email, And Read More Solutions

Some blog owners use email, to distribute blog content - and like the post summarisation technique, Jump Break.

We see occasional hopeful questions, in Blogger Help Forum: Learn More About Blogger, about Jump Break, in emailed post content.
How do I use Jump Break, in my posts email subscriptions?
This is one need that probably won't be solved, precisely as requested.

Jump Break is simple enough, to add to the blog - one post at a time. To work, from an index page, it needs 2 components.
  • A summarised post segment, with the "Jump Break" token, <!--more-->, in the index page display.
  • A post, with the "more" anchor embedded.

The "Read More" target URL is easy enough to pass, and to use, in email.

Here's the "Read more" URL, from a previous post.

The Jump Break token isn't easily interpreted, outside the Blogger environment.

The "Read more" URL is easy to pass, in email distributed blog feed. The "Jump Break" token, unfortunately, is not properly interpreted. Email displays can't handle control strings, such as

But you can use an alternate "Read More" feature.

If the blog can use FeedBurner Email Distribution, however, you can get FeedBurner to format a post summary. A post summary uses a truncated "teaser" post, truncated before the post is distributed - instead of Jump Break, interpreted when the post is viewed.

There are 2 possible ways to use "Read More", instead of "Jump Break".

You have 2 possible solutions here.
  1. Setup a FeedBurner feed, based on the feed summary.
  2. Setup a FeedBurner feed, based on the full feed - and use the Summary Burner option.

I setup 2 test feeds, from this blog.
  1. The Real Blogger Status - Summary Option 1.
  2. The Real Blogger Status - Summary Option 2.

You may click on either or both - and examine / compare the results. The first is based on the summary posts newsfeed, as coming from this blog, and simply redistributed by FeedBurner - and the second is based on the full posts newsfeed, as coming from this blog, and summarised then redistributed by FeedBurner.

You may subscribe to either, or both, feeds - and see what you get, in your Inbox.
  1. Subscribe to The Real Blogger Status - Summary Option 1 by Email.
  2. Subscribe to The Real Blogger Status - Summary Option 2 by Email.

Both "Read More" solutions are easy enough to setup, using FeedBurner.

Setting both feeds up was rather simple.
  1. The "Feed Summary" solution is simply a standard FeedBurner Email Distribution, sourced from "/feeds/posts/summary".
  2. The "Summary Burner" option is simply a standard FeedBurner Email Distribution, sourced from "/feeds/posts/full" - and "Summary Burner" activated, with a "teaser" of 400 characters.

Activate Summary Burner from the Optimize tab.

You activate the "Summary Burner" service, from the dashboard Optimize tab. If necessary, setup a second FeedBurner feed.

Option 2 (Summary Burner) lets you adjust the "teaser", and the caption. That's the only choices - and the only challenge.

If you compare the two options, you'll notice that Option 1 is simply a fixed "teaser" of 400 characters - and that Option 2 gives you an adjustable "teaser", plus a caption of your choice. With both options, the link to the full post is in the post title.

So, it's a toss up. I'd probably go with option 2, which is more adjustable - but it's your choice, for your blog. It takes less than a minute, to change from one to the other.

True Online Anonymity Begins With A New Identity

We see occasional queries, from blog owners who require separation of their blog ownership from their real lives, in Blogger Help Forum: Learn More About Blogger.
I want to have myself anonymous, so that people do not know who I am when I blog. i think it will contribute to a more exciting blog!
An air of mystery is OK, as long as it's not being used to mask criminal activity.

Taking a public account and blog, and removing all personal details, can be an exercise in futility - or at least, ingenuity.

Blogger / Google code contains details, which may reveal too much.

We know that Blogger permits us - and will support us - to publish a blog, anonymously - with our blogging and real life identities kept separate. They don't provide details, though - possibly because each person may have their own ideas how separate they want everything to be.

Both Blogger accounts and blogs contain obscure details, which might be exploited by someone who is experienced in identity tracing.

One detail, which is frequently used in blog ownership analysis, is the "me" tag, in the blog header. The "me" tag is not documented - it's just there, in the blog source code.

I like to cook.

Who knows if the "me" tag in my "Recipe" blog, leading to my Google+ profile, could one day lead the wrong person to my door?

Who knows what other details may be present, in a Blogger / Google profile, or blog internal code?

For true anonymity, start with a clean account and blogs.

If you want true anonymity, start with a new Blogger account which contains no personally identifying content. And if possible, delete your current Blogger account.

Then setup a new Blogger blog - and again, add no personally identifying content. And do not link between anything in your clean, new Blogger account, and anything in any other accounts.

The best chance for anonymity starts with 100% isolation of the new Blogger account.

Conduct frequent personal identity audits, and educate yourself.

As you publish your blog, look at each opinion and story, and ask yourself how this could be used against you.

Spend some time on the Internet, and read about identity verification, pursuit of fugitives, and similar detective work. Spend some time reading stories about the US Witness Security (WitSec) Program, and similar programs in other countries - and how they protect their clients.

Their stories could become your learning opportunities.

True anonymity will have disadvantages.

If you truly make yourself anonymous, there will be no backdoor authentication details. You will not be able to recover control of the blog if you ever forget the account name or password.

If you remember account / password, you may not need backdoor authentication.

Neither Blogger: Forgot your username or password? - or Google: Having trouble signing in or viewing your blog? - will have any details which can be used to recover access, if you become truly anonymous. If there are any such details which could be used by you, to recover access or control, those details might be your downfall, when an experienced detective is put on your trail.

You will need protection from Google Hacking Detection, eventually.

If your account gets locked from "suspicious" / "unusual" activity, or when you change computers or travel, you will need anonymous backup authentication. You will need one or more components of Google 2-Step Verification. Just recording account name / password in a password storage vault won't help, if Google Hacking detection becomes involved.

You're going to have to have some backup authentication - just choose what you use selectively, keep it up to date, religiously - and never lose it.


Some #Blogger blog owners want to separate their blogging and personal lives - and want their blogs to not lead anybody to their real life existence. This can conflict with effective blog publishing - as a blog, by design, is an online extension of ones real life.

Given enough forethought, and research, it may be possible to separate our online life from real life - but it won't be a one time activity. Personal online anonymity will require constant self examination, and preparation.

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  • "Failed ... Try another exploit if available"
  • Framaroot crash or freeze, in this case relaunch Framaroot a second time and select the same action and exploit

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Dear Followers Of This Blog ...

If you did not use a Blogger / Google account when you Followed this blog, years ago, you are probably not Following now.

During the past month or so, this blog has gone from 5,300 to 4,800 Followers. Owners of other blogs have reported similar reductions.

Look at the Reading List, in the Blogger dashboard - if you use Blogger. Is this blog listed? If so, you are Following this blog, using a Blogger account. If not, you may want to add this blog to your Reading List.

As part of a project to make Blogger Followers (aka "Google Friend Connect") more reliable and stable, Blogger Engineers are rewriting Followers to only work with Blogger / Google accounts.

Originally, Blogger Followers was part of a web of community building features.

In the past, Blogger Followers was part of a web based community composed of half a dozen account hosts - and another half a dozen profile hosts - and the login and profile hosts complements were not the same.

The Followers gadget, for many years, had well known problems.

"Were sorry ...

This gadget is configured incorrectly."

Everyone who uses Followers, on their blogs, has surely seen this notice.

This blog showed the above message, during most of 2015, for many would be Followers. Other blog owners had similar complaints, during the past several years.

One of the odder peccadilloes of Following started with someone who would, for one reason or another, decide to Follow a blog using an OpenID account or profile, then later login to Blogger and look in their Reading List for the new newsfeed subscription. Surprise! No subscription!!

Unfortunately, people Following using the web were shortchanged. One of the downsides of Following (seldom discussed) was that only Followers using Blogger / Google accounts would have a newsfeed subscription added to their Reading List.

People Following without Google accounts did not get newsfeed subscriptions.

Followers using OpenID only got their photo icon in the Followers facepile. How would OpenID Followers get a Reading List subscription? Reading List subscriptions require Blogger / Google accounts.

Followers is being rewritten - and non Google accounts are not supported.

Starting last month, Blogger Engineers have been eliminating Followers who use OpenID accounts, and / or who use OpenID hosted profiles.

January 27 - 4,860 Followers.

December 18 - 5,343 Followers.

This causes a drop in Follower count, on a lot of blogs - and yes, it's painful to watch the numbers drop. But what they are removing is people who only get their photo icon on the blog (temporarily) - the ones being removed don't read the newsfeed in Reading List, because they don't use Reading List.

Blogger is doing this for a practical reason - Followers code needs to be simplified, so it can be made more reliable. It's similar to support policy for every brand and version of browser. Blogger can't support every version of every browser, nor can they support every type of login to Followers, reliably.

If we are going to use the Followers gadget, it needs to be reliable.

The Followers gadget, on this blog, was broken - for many months, last year. If we're going to use Followers, it needs to be reliable.

If you look in your Reading List and find this blog listed, you are Following this blog using a Blogger account - since the Reading List subscription is one benefit of Following. If you don't find this blog listed, you may subscribe, using Reading List - or Follow, using "Follow Me". Just use a Blogger / Google account, when you Follow.

I welcome you, either way. Now that this blog is The ONLY Blogger Status, I plan to continue bringing you the best discussions of Blogger features and problems.

If you are Following my Google+ stream, this may not affect you.

Keeping all of this in proper perspective, some of you may be Following this blog in your Google+ stream, using Google Followers. You will be using a Google account (you cannot use Google+ without a Google account) - and you will not have a Reading List entry (Google+ does not use Reading List).

Others may be Following my Google+ Collection, RBS. Google+ Collections are more similar to blogs.

Blogger Followers ("Follow Me"), above Google+ Followers ("+Follow Me").

Blogger Followers, and Google+ Followers, are simply two different products - and both are displayed on this blog. And both help different people to find your blog.

And that's why we add the gadgets, to our blogs. And now, why we add notices, to our blogs.

FeedBurner, And Blogs Unwisely Deleted Or Renamed

Some blog owners delete or rename a blog, without proper planning - and later regret their action.

Some spammers track blog name availability - particularly with blog names that contain "English" (and some non English) language words. If a spammer discovers that a given blog name has recently become available, he will publish a stub blog to that name - and later, add spammy content.

Why is a spammer interested in recently available names?

A previously unavailable name, now available, has residual value - because it previously had content, and presumably, readers.

If a valuable blog name is made available by the owner, a spammer will take it.

If a blog owner just abandoned a valuable blog name, by deleting or renaming the blog, a spammer is going to make good use of it.

The unwary blog owner will soon get complaints, from former subscribers.

Shortly, the unwary blog owner will see that his blog, recently deleted or renamed, has been re published and is now full of spam. His former readers are now asking why he is filling up their blog feeds with spam. And he has lost control of the blog, that once was his.

Unfortunately, by the time the republished blog name is discovered, the spammer has taken legal control - and is now the rightful owner. And, short of deleting the blog as a TOS violation, Blogger will recognise the spammers right to own a blog that was legally obtained, using a spammer version of "Create blog".

If the unwary blog owner is you, you may be able to correct your mistake.

If a deleted or renamed blog used FeedBurner to distribute a blog feed, it's possible that the remaining readers are subscribed to the FeedBurner feed. This is where you - the formerly unwary blog owner - can correct your mistake.

A hacker / spammer, who now (legally) has control of an abandoned blog, may not have control of the FeedBurner feed, that is feeding from the blog. If you can regain control of the FeedBurner feed, you can redirect it to a different blog.
  1. Setup a stub blog, with one or more posts explaining your mistake.
  2. Edit the FeedBurner feed, to point to the feed from the stub blog.
  3. Publish a post or two, as an apology to your former subscribers.

Setup a stub blog, with one or more posts explaining your mistake.

You cannot do what you should have done originally - publish a stub blog to the abandoned blog name. You can, however, publish a stub blog to any other available and suitable name.

Then add a post, explaining what you did - and why the people reading the new blog (your new stub blog) are (or just previously were) seeing spam, in their bloglists and Reading List.

Edit the FeedBurner feed, to point to the feed from the stub blog.

With a new blog publishing an active feed, edit the FeedBurner feed that is currently re publishing the feed from the spammer owned blog. Change the FeedBurner feed, using "Edit Feed Details", to re publish the feed from your new stub blog.

The current FeedBurner feed, for
The Real Blogger Status, is /Nitecruzr-Blogging

To change the feed source URL, simply edit the "Original Feed" setting - then click "Save Feed Details".

Publish a post or two, as an apology to your former subscribers.

With your FeedBurner feed now re publishing your new stub blog, publish a post or two explaining what you did. Hopefully, given a couple posts from your (reclaimed) feed that do not contain spam, your former readers may read one of your new posts, and be enlightened.

And the spammer will be none the wiser - until the people who are paying him report that his former spam channel has stopped producing traffic to their website.


FeedBurner Feeds, After Deletion / Renaming Of Blogs
FeedBurner Feeds, After Unwise Blog Delete / Rename
FeedBurner, After Blog Unwisely Deleted / Renamed

If you unwisely delete or rename a #Blogger blog, the name that was once yours will have some value to a spammer. If a spammer takes the abandoned blog name, publishes his own spammy content, and distributes it to you former readers, you will be powerless to do anything.

If you are using a FeedBurner feed to distribute the blog feed, however, you can edit the FeedBurner feed, and cancel the spammers channel.

Hosted AdSense Accounts, And Custom Domains

We periodically see the query, from confused blog owners, in AdSense Help Forum: Blogger / Host Partners, or maybe in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue.
Why does my blog not show ads, any more? It worked fine, until I changed my blog to my private domain!
The blog owner does not know about the rules of Hosted AdSense accounts, vs AdSense for Content.

If you start a Blogger blog, you will probably get an AdSense account by using the Blogger dashboard Earnings page, and qualifying the blog.

An AdSense account setup under Blogger can only be used with "".

An AdSense account setup under Blogger (or other content services) is called a Hosted account. A Hosted AdSense account can only be used with the service under which it was setup.

A Blogger Hosted account can be used only with Blogger blogs published to "". If you want to use a custom domain published Blogger blog with AdSense, you need AdSense For Content - a full AdSense account.

You can have only one AdSense account. You have to upgrade your Blogger Hosted account, to AdSense for Content, to show ads anywhere other than "".

You can only use blogs published to "", with a Blogger Hosted account.

To use AdSense outside "", you need Full AdSense For Content.

To upgrade to Full AdSense, you need a full domain - ie, a blog published to a custom domain - or a non Google hosted top level domain website. Blogs published to sub domains of a third party service, such as "", do not qualify for AdSense For Content.

If you already have your own top level domain website, hosting AdSense for Content ads, then you never setup a Blogger blog using a Hosted account - and you are probably not reading here.


  1. You can have only one AdSense account.
  2. You can only use blogs published to "", with a Blogger Hosted account.
  3. You need a top level domain website, or a Blogger custom domain published blog, to qualify for AdSense For Content.

If you are upgrading your Blogger blog to a custom domain, you need to go through the Hosted to Full upgrade process. This will cause your AdSense ads to stop, for 2 to 4 weeks.

  1. Learn the rules - and examine blog content, before you start.
  2. Upgrade your Blogger blog, to a properly setup custom domain.
  3. Get the custom domain working.
  4. Apply for the AdSense account upgrade.
  5. Get preliminary approval.
  6. Install AdSense for Content ads.
  7. Wait for full approval.

Learn the rules - and examine blog content, before you start.

You'll want to start the AdSense Upgrade with some expectation of success. AdSense for Content standards are significantly more selective, than Hosted AdSense.

Do not start this project, until the blog has an established Hosted Account.

Become intimately familiar with eligibility to participate, with program policies, and with prohibited content - before you start.

Then, go over the blog - and improve or remove what does not belong.

Upgrade your Blogger blog, to a properly setup custom domain.

If AdSense is to qualify your blog, under your new domain URL, the domain URL has to work. This requires righteous DNS addresses.

Get the custom domain working.

Given a properly setup domain, publish the blog to the proper domain URL. Then, redirect the domain root to the published URL.

Finally wait, as Blogger completes the domain migration.

Apply for the AdSense account upgrade.

Once you have a working Blogger blog, successfully using your new non "" URL, start the AdSense upgrade.

Get preliminary approval.

You will get email from AdSense, instructing you to upgrade your ad content.

Install AdSense for Content ads.

From the AdSense dashboard, generate the AdSense For Content ads, and install them on the blog.

You won't be using the Blogger "AdSense" gadget - that is for Hosted AdSense. You have to get the code for the ads from the AdSense dashboard wizard.

When you install the ads, load the code into new "HTML" gadgets - don't edit into the template.

Wait for full approval.

Inform AdSense that your new ads are in place. Then wait, as your blog is thoroughly examined. Again, allow 2 to 4 weeks for review.


Some #Blogger blog owners publish blogs, with AdSense providing ads in the blogs. Then, they decide to upgrade a blog, to use a custom domain URL.

Not everybody knows, before the ads stop appearing, that AdSense for custom domain published blogs is not the same as AdSense for native Blogger blogs.

Tata Docomo Free Internet Trick (Updated 25 Jan 2016)

Hello friends , Today I got a new trick for Tata Docomo users. By using this trick youcan enjoy free 2g or 3g internet on both PC and mobile with your Tata Docomo sim.

This free Tata Docomo 3g internet trick is based on proxy.

This Tata Docomo free 3g internet trick is 100% working in all over India in January 2016

I am personally confirmed this trick working in kerala.

This Tata Docomo free 3g or2g data trick is working 100% on January 2014 and hope that surely work on January

The best features of this trick are – works on both PCand mobile , works on both 2g and 3g, getting high speed, works for android,Symbian,java and allother platforms

As I mentioned above this trick is work both on computer and mobile.

Requirements for using this free Tata Docomo 3g internet January 2016

1.     A Tata Docomo sim card ( if 3g enabled, thenyou can use 3g internet )

2.     Maintain balance below than 10ps

3.     Use APN – tata.docomo.internet

PROXY Address010.124.094.007

PORTPort : 80

Follow the below steps (Tata Docomo Free 3g internet Proxy trick  - January 2016)

For Mobile Users

1.Go to settings in mobile phone

2.Then open Network Connection Setting.

3.Now in the option, click on create new setting/ connection.

4.There you'll get many input options just do as stated below-

5.Account Name – Tata Docomo free 3g internet trick by techitor


7.Proxy address – Type any of the proxy address given above.

8. Port – 809.Now leave all the other fields blank

10.Save settings and Make it default

11.Now open your internet browser ( open any browser)

12.Now open any homepagegiven above

13. Now enjoy free 3g high speed internet on your Tata Docomo

For PC (computer) Users

I will recommend you to use Mozilla Firefox for setting upproxy trick.

1. Open Options

.2. Click on advance tab and then network tab.

3. Click on Manual Connection setting and add the above given proxy and port.

3. Save the setting.

4.Now open home page given above

5.Enjoy free high speed 3g internet on your PC with your Tata Docomo simIf you get low internet speedthen disable javascript and enjoy high speed

If you have any doubts then comment here. WOT is happy to help you.Please share our posts and support us.

NOTE - NOT WORKING IN SOME STATES. TRY.......--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Vodafone Free Internet Trick 2016( Updated 25 Jan 2016)

Hello Vodafone users, today I found some cool workingVodafone tricks January 2016to runfree internet on Vodafone.

So here in this post I will share allVodafone free Internet tricks. Vodafone 3G is one of the fastest and best but it is too expensive. But now you can runfree 3G internet in Vodafoneusing Vodafone 3g tricks. This trick is working on both pc, iPhone and Android mobile.

This free Vodafone Internet trick is verified by our team in many states ofIndia and is 100% working. So I will advise you to just try this free internet trick and if it works for you then comment with your state name below. So other users in your state can also use it.

Features of Vodafone Free 3G Internet Trick

*.It works in low balance condition.

*.It is based on proxy and VPN.

*.There is no speed capping.

*.Unlimited download.

*.Work for all http , https and torrents.

*.Working in all states of India.

*.High speed depends on your network.

Requirement to run free Interneton Vodafone

*.A Vodafone 3G enabled SIM Card

*.Zero Balance SIM.

*.Small data pack if required

*.Vodafone APN settings or Vodafone GPRS settings.

*.Vodafone VPN Confiq File : Download fromhere

How to get free internet on Vodafone

There are lots of method to run free GPRS on Vodafone. I am going to share all those methods here. These methods are divided according to user on basis of use on PC, mobile Android or iPhone.

How to use free internet on Vodafone

Now we have this trick but we are now dividing it as proxy and VPN based.Vodafone free internet tricks for mobileTo run free internet on Vodafone mobile.

Just follow the steps given below.

Using VPN

*.First Download the Droid VPN from play store in your Android mobile.

*.Also Download Vodafone 3G Config file.

*.Now move this file into VPN folder.

*.Now run the VPN and connect the internet.Now enjoy Vodafone free 3G internet on Android.

Using Proxy

In your mobile Go to Network settings and create a New APN with the following settings.

*.Account name : Vodafone free internet trick by Wayoftricks.

*.Access point : portalnmms

*.Vodafone free Internet proxy :

*.Port : 9401

*.Save this setting and enjoy free high speed Vodafone internet onmobile.

Vodafone Free Internet trick for PCTo run free 3G Vodafone internet on computer or PC, just follow the steps given below.

Using VPN

*.Download the NMD VPN for PC and install it.

*.Now download theVPN config fileand add it to VPN folder.

*.Now run this NMD VPN and connect the internet.

*.Now enjoy free unlimited Vodafone 3G internet on your pc laptop.

Using Proxy

To use Vodafone free internet using proxy, you must have supportable browser like Mozilla Firefox or Chrome.

*.Open your Firefox browser and go to Options.

*.Now add the following settings in your network tab :

*.Proxy :*.Port : 940*.Homepage :

Now enjoy the free high speed unlimited Vodafone internet data.

Idea Free Internet Trick 2016 (Updated 25 Jan 2016)

So you want to use free internet, herei will tell youWorking Idea free internet tricksto getfree internet on IdeaSIM.

This is thelatest Idea free internet trick January 2016and is 100% working. You can easily start your free internet service on idea in few minutes.

We keep on posting andupdating with the new Idea tricks on this page, so you can scroll for allidea free 3g internet tricks.This free internet trick of Idea that i am sharing here is working in almost all states of India.

Well you can try at your location and comment with yourstate if it is working at your place, this will be help for other users.This free Idea GPRS trick is based on both proxy and VPN. Hope you have little knowledge about the VPN and Proxy server. Well you does not required to get into depth, if you don’t know, no worries

just follow thestep given below.

You can also takeinternet loan in Idea. And you can also taketalktime loan in Idea.Idea Free Internet Trick using ProxyThis free Idea 3G Internet trick works on few states including Gujarat and Maharashtra. So if you belong any other state then try this trick and if it works for you then just comment with your state name.

Requirements for running Free Internet on Idea

1. Balance should be less than Rs.1

How to use Idea Free GPRS trickFor Mobile User

*.Configure a newIdea APN settingwith the below settings :Account Name :

Access Point : Internet

Proxy :

Port : 80

Home Page :

Save this setting in your mobile and run internet on any browser. This works with all mobiles of Nokia, Micromax and other Android phones.

For PC Users

*.To use free internet on pc using Idea , you need to configure yourbrowser with the following network settings.


*.Port: 80

*.Home page:

Save this network setting and restart your browser.

Now enjoy free Idea internet on PC.Idea Free Internet Trick using VPNThis new Idea free internet trick January 2016 is based on the VPN.

Check out this complete method to run free internet on Idea.

Features of Idea Free 3G Internet

*.Working in all states of India withno disconnection issue.

*.No SIM blocking issue

*.No speed Capping

*.Can work on Zero balance

*.Can surf any site for free. Supports both HTTP and HTTPS.

*.Can download with torrents also.

How to use Free 3G Internet on Idea Network

*.First Install NMD VPN in your PC

*.Now Download Idea Free 3G Internet Configuration file from here.

*.Now extract this file and put it into folder of NMD VPN.

*.now just connect the VPN and run free unlimited internet on Idea at high speed.

Enjoy! Free Unlimited Internet on Idea. No need to pay for Internet now when you can run it for free. Well free internet trick is available for all networks like Airtel, Reliance. We are working to provide you with the latestworking trick for free internet on your mobile or desktop.If this free Idea internet trick is working at your state let us know. Wehave tested this in Delhi, Rajasthan, Andra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Madya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh.This Idea free internet trick is workingin some areas as i told earlier but i want your reviews about this trick. I am waiting for your comments on this.

McAfee WebAdvisor Blocks Blogger / Google Scripts

We have several blog owners, trying to use Blogger - and seeing warnings from McAfee WebAdvisor.
When I try to log out, I am getting a risky connection warning.
Whoa! Are you sure you want to go there?
I cannot log out of blogger.

The blog owner needs to log out from her current account.

"! Warning: Trouble ahead"

"Whoa! Are you sure you want to go there?"

This looks scary - but keep it in perspective.

If you're going to use Blogger / Google, you have to trust Blogger / Google.

Look carefully at the URL, in the advice. Is it a genuine Blogger / Google URL?

If you want to use Blogger - such as logging out so you can use a different account - you have to use the Blogger pages and scripts. You may have to instruct McAfee that you trust that URL.

You, and other McAfee customers, have to help train McAfee.

If you trust Blogger code - and as a Blogger blog publisher, you should - you need to train McAfee to not block Blogger code.

Start by clicking on "Accept the Risk", and follow instructions. Hopefully, that will send feedback to McAfee, informing them that they are reporting a false positive detection.

If you read the McAfee WebAdvisor instructions (wherever they may be), you may also find a site whitelist or similar filter setting - and you may need to add "" and "" to your whitelist. This, too, may provide feedback to McAfee.

This is one more episode in the Internet security process.

This is simply one more case of overly aggressive security. And that, like most general paranoia, is not necessarily bad - if you can keep it in proper perspective.


McAfee Webadvisor is currently advising blog owners, who try to logout from Blogger, that the logout webpage at "" may be "risky". Since we know that Blogger Engineering is not going to intentionally cause risk for their customers, the McAfee warning is most likely a false positive - but the message, in the McAfee warning, will not leave people in a relaxed state of mind.

Blog owners may have to use the "Accept the Risk" button, and inform McAfee that they are displaying a false positive alert.

Reliance Unlimited Free Internet Trick Working All Over India (Updated-25 Jan 2016)

[Exclusive] Reliance New Unlimited High Speed 3G & 4G Trick 2016 [Working All Over India]

Hi Everyone!
Looks like reliance hosts and open ports are blocked everywhere, so we have comeup with new way of using udp ports on reliance using netbuster which is confirmed working in karnataka, tamilnadu, kerala, uttar pradesh and many other states.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth. [No matter how much you browse and download]
  • Premium Speed. [Just like a paid user you will the same actual speed]
  • Peer To Peer Network & Torrents Are Supported.
  • No Disconnection Problems.
  • No Speed Lags On After Limited Bandwidth
How To Use The Trick:
  • Download vnap bustter pro proxy from the download section below.
  • Now install and open your vnap buster pro porxy.
  • Now download reliance vnap config files from below.
  • Just click on profile > import to import the downloaded files into vnap buster. [Ctrl + O]
  • Now just get back to home and then click on arrow marks to start the connection.
  • Now open your any internet browser or idm and set the follwoing as proxy.
    • Proxy:
    • Port: 8888
  • That’s it now start using reliance 3G or 4G for free with high speed.
Download Section:
Note: Try to always open vnap buster proxy pro buster as run as administrator so that no problem will arises during your connection.
Thanks For Reading! If You Have Any Comments Or Queries Kindly Comment Below! 😀
Thank You!

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