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Tata Docomo Free Internet Trick (Updated 25 Jan 2016)

Hello friends , Today I got a new trick for Tata Docomo users. By using this trick youcan enjoy free 2g or 3g internet on both PC and mobile with your Tata Docomo sim.

This free Tata Docomo 3g internet trick is based on proxy.

This Tata Docomo free 3g internet trick is 100% working in all over India in January 2016

I am personally confirmed this trick working in kerala.

This Tata Docomo free 3g or2g data trick is working 100% on January 2014 and hope that surely work on January

The best features of this trick are – works on both PCand mobile , works on both 2g and 3g, getting high speed, works for android,Symbian,java and allother platforms

As I mentioned above this trick is work both on computer and mobile.

Requirements for using this free Tata Docomo 3g internet January 2016

1.     A Tata Docomo sim card ( if 3g enabled, thenyou can use 3g internet )

2.     Maintain balance below than 10ps

3.     Use APN – tata.docomo.internet

PROXY Address010.124.094.007

PORTPort : 80

Follow the below steps (Tata Docomo Free 3g internet Proxy trick  - January 2016)

For Mobile Users

1.Go to settings in mobile phone

2.Then open Network Connection Setting.

3.Now in the option, click on create new setting/ connection.

4.There you'll get many input options just do as stated below-

5.Account Name – Tata Docomo free 3g internet trick by techitor


7.Proxy address – Type any of the proxy address given above.

8. Port – 809.Now leave all the other fields blank

10.Save settings and Make it default

11.Now open your internet browser ( open any browser)

12.Now open any homepagegiven above

13. Now enjoy free 3g high speed internet on your Tata Docomo

For PC (computer) Users

I will recommend you to use Mozilla Firefox for setting upproxy trick.

1. Open Options

.2. Click on advance tab and then network tab.

3. Click on Manual Connection setting and add the above given proxy and port.

3. Save the setting.

4.Now open home page given above

5.Enjoy free high speed 3g internet on your PC with your Tata Docomo simIf you get low internet speedthen disable javascript and enjoy high speed

If you have any doubts then comment here. WOT is happy to help you.Please share our posts and support us.

NOTE - NOT WORKING IN SOME STATES. TRY.......--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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