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Fake Twitter Phishing Email from the address “ ”

Today Morning I received one mail which did not get caught by Gmail’s spam filter. It had me believing it was real since I hadn’t seen phishing email pretending to be Twitter before.


The email was supposedly from the address “ ” telling me my account was suspended for excessive following. You can see a screenshot the email.

While I knew I hadn’t recently followed a bunch of people, I thought maybe someone had hacked my account and followed people and that the email might be legit, until I read that I needed to click a link to “complete some offers” for to avoid account suspension.

After that when I check my twitter statistics, its 10000% Phishing attack. Check the below screen shot.


Further examination revealed the link to be redirects to “” where you can see offers to complete.

Obviously, not from Twitter. Beware.

UPDATE: I just send an email to twitter on and below is the response.


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