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Deface via RFI

#Searching for Vuln. Sites
#Checking if they are Vuln.
#Defacing them Tongue


Searching for Vuln. sites:

We can find Vuln.websites by using Google Dorks


Checking if they are Vuln. :

Now after we searched for sites on Google, many sites will show but not all of them are Vuln.
so how can we check? Tongue

after opening the site check the link, for example it will be like:

now to check the site we should replace "ANYTHING" with "" Smile

so it will be like :

IF Google home page showed up then the website is Vuln. for RFI,
IF not then fine another one Tongue



OK, now if we found a Vuln. website how to deface? o_O

well now open any website on any free host and upload your shell in .txt
and replace to your shell link so for EXAMPLE it will be:

[!]NOTE:- DO NOT FORGET THE '?' in the end of the URL Tongue Big Grin

Now your shell will show so Deface the site Tongue

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