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"Delete permanently" Means Delete, Permanently

For a long time, blog owners have been requiring the ability to delete their blogs.

In the beginning, people would delete a blog - whether intentionally or mistakenly - then change their mind, or realise their mistake.
I did not really want to delete my blog.
And the inevitable question.
How do I get my very important blog back? Surely, it's in your computer somewhere??
But this question was not always answered, with encouragement.

Too often, Blogger Support would be forced to give the bad news.
You deleted it, and it's gone.

Blogger added the "Deleted blogs" dashboard list.

Eventually, Blogger Support tired of providing negative answers - and Blogger Engineers added the "Deleted blogs" display, to the dashboard.

A blog, deleted by the owner, and listed under "Deleted blogs", can be recovered by the owner, when desired - up to 90 days from deletion. Unfortunately, the dashboard "Deleted blogs" list was not the final solution.

Some blog owners did not want a deleted blog listed, under "Deleted blogs".

Some people would delete a blog - then sometime later, learn that the blog was not really deleted.
I deleted my blog - but now I see it listed, under "Deleted blogs". How do I delete my blog, so it does not exist?
And the answer.
Wait 90 days - and it will be removed.
But that answer did not always satisfy.
I can't wait 90 days - I want it deleted, now!
And for that requirement, there was no answer.

Blogger recently added the "Remove permanently" option.

Recently, Blogger added the "Delete permanently" option, to the dashboard "Deleted blogs" list. Now, a deleted blog can be removed immediately, at the discretion of the blog owner.

  • A blog, when deleted, goes offline - and is moved to the "Deleted blogs" list.
  • If the owner wants the blog restored, he can use "Restore blog".
  • If the owner wants the blog gone, he can use "Delete permanently".

And, as noted in Blogger Help: Back up, import, or delete your blog

  • When you delete a blog: you have a short period of time to restore it if you change your mind.
  • When you permanently delete a blog: all of your blog information, posts, and pages will be deleted, and you won’t be able to restore them.

And one additional advice.
Note: After a blog is permanently deleted, the blog’s URL cannot be used again.

The "Delete permanently" option can't be reversed.

The option "Delete permanently" has final and immediate results.

  • The blog is removed from "Deleted blogs".
  • The blog contents cannot be restored.
  • The URL can never be re used.

In the words of the philosopher,
He's dead, Jim.
End of story.

Let's examine the deletion sequence.

Here's my dashboard home page - showing my test blog, awaiting deletion. Compare this display, with my test blog, deleted.

Here's my test blog - "Delete Blog Test".

Go to the dashboard Settings - Other page, and click on "Delete blog".

There is the "Delete blog" wizard - and a chance to "Download Blog".

So, click on "Delete This Blog".

And, it's deleted. But what does that really mean?

Here's my dashboard home page - showing my test blog, deleted. Compare this display, with my test blog, awaiting deletion.

Now, we see "Deleted blogs" has 1 entry.

And there is my test blog listed, with two choices - "Permanently delete" or "Undelete".

Unfortunately, "Undelete" won't work, for me.

We do get an on screen warning, before permanent deletion.

We do get a warning, before deletion. "Deleting Nitecruzr Delete Blog Test is permanent and you won't be able to undo it"

A #Blogger blog, once deleted, can be restored within 90 days - if "Delete permanently" is not used. Once "Delete permanently" is used, the blog and all content is gone - and the URL can never be used, again.

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