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Google Accounts, With Blogger Profiles, Are Limited

We're seeing a few questions, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue, about new Blogger / Google accounts - and choice of profile.
Do I have a Limited account?
This account owner just setup a new Blogger / Google account - and wants to avoid the confusion of Google+ - but sees his only alternate choice involving creation of a "Limited" account.

A Blogger account and profile is only "limited", in that it does not waste your time and resources serving Google+ to you.

Google+ is an exciting product - if you want it.

Google+ is an exciting product - offering a combination of community building, feeds, and multimedia sharing, in one package. You can spend hours, interacting with people, worldwide. If that's what you want.

Blogger is fine, for many people.

If you don't want Google+, a Blogger account, with a Blogger profile, will suit you, just fine.

Many people will be quite happy with a Blogger profile.

Google wants people excited by Google+ - but Blogger is exciting too.

Google wants to emphasise the potential of Google+ - so they describe a Blogger Profile as "Limited".

The limits may be only in your mind.

Google+ has advantages, to be sure - but it's not the end of all. Blogger accounts, and Blogger profiles, still offer exciting possibilities. A Blogger blog lets you reach - and interact with - people all over the world.

You can choose either profile - just choose, carefully.


Google "My account" lets you setup a new #Blogger / Google account - and gives you a choice of a Google+ profile, or a "Limited" Blogger profile. This confuses some new Blogger blog owners, who don't want Google+ - and fear that they will have to settle for a Limited account.

In reality, a Blogger account with a Blogger profile will be exciting - and useful - for many new Blogger blog owners.

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