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Blogger Magic - Stats Accuracy And Consistency

One of the least understood Blogger features is the Stats visitor counters, and the various displays.

We see the confusion, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue, periodically.
The "weekly" Stats numbers don't add up, properly!
Why is "Popular Posts" so out of touch, with reality?
Magic is fun to watch, when it's just for amusement. When your numbers seem to have magical quality - changing from day to day, or display to display - it becomes annoying.

With its many lines and pages, the various Stats displays look like they could be part of one big balance sheet - but they are not.

With a balance sheet, you'll have detail lines in one page, that can be added up and reconciled against totals, in another page. This makes some balance sheet components redundant.

With Stats, nothing is redundant. Whether provided in a dashboard page, for you to examine - or in a gadget, to encourage your readers - all numbers are significant, exactly as displayed.

What you see for each day cannot be added up and balanced against a week - nor can a collection of weeks add up to a month. Nor can detail lines in "Pages" add up to totals, in "Audience".

  • Components and features are provided for different purposes.
  • Different dashboard pages reflect different details.
  • Time periods do not begin and end equally.
  • You may, or may not, be able to ignore your own pageviews, consistently.

Components and features are provided for different purposes.

The "Popular Posts" gadget displays popular posts, for the convenience of the blog readers - and there is no "Popular Pages" gadget, for people who choose to build a blog, based on static pages. The dashboard Stats pages are displays for informing the blog owner.

The (3) time range selections in "Popular Posts" also differ from the (5) selections in the dashboard Stats pages - further preventing comparison between Popular Posts and dashboard displays.

Different dashboard pages reflect different details.

The "Posts" dashboard page lists (only) the 10 most popular posts ("dynamic" pages), and the 10 most popular pages ("static" pages). "Pageviews today", and "Pageviews yesterday" reflect all blog activity - all index pages, all "pages", and all "posts" together.

Time periods do not begin and end equally.

"Pageviews today", and "Pageviews yesterday" counts are reset based on the global day - not on any local clock. Your "today" will never be the same, all days of the year - if ever. 23 / 24 of the world will never see their "today" equal to "Pageviews today", and "Pageviews yesterday".

And everybody knows that weeks, months, and years never begin and end in synch. You cannot add up weeks into months - nor months into years.

"Pageviews today", and "Pageviews yesterday" are the best known objects of confusion - but by no means the only - in the Stats data complement.

You may, or may not, be able to ignore your own pageviews, consistently.

Even given the recent improvement to the "Don't track" option, not all blog owners will be able to ignore their own pageviews. Every blog owner has their own required complement of performance and security products, which may interfere with the Stats "Don't track" code.

The bottom line.

Everybody needs to accept reality - that Stats will simply perform differently, for every different blog, and for every different owner of every team blog. Enjoy and use Stats for what it is.

Many #Blogger blog owners become concerned, when they add up detail Stats numbers on one display, and find the numbers do not agree with the totals from another display. They do not notice that the numbers have different origins, and purposes - and simply cannot add into any different display, with any degree of accuracy.

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