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How To Get Approved For Adsense In 1 Hour !

Google adsense is a highly CPC(cost per click) PPC(pay per click) program is  internet world.
It is fully  powered by Google Inc. its begening time google adsense account approved was very easy.

 but now it is very difficult for new and old blogger to get approved adsense account.

Todays trick I share how to get an approved account in 2 hours. we use youtube at first then add here website or blogger.

=========================================================Approved Adsense account in 2 hours===========================================================
1. at first you need a gmail account.

Don't miss it :  How to create gmail acount

2. Sign in youtube and go

3.  Click on Enable My Account

4. now accept terms and condition just click I Accept

5. now you see a monetize button just click on it.

6. After doing it, check your gmail inbox.

7. now upload a unique video in your  youtube account. add proper description ,tags then publish video.

8. now link your adsense account. visit here 

and click on How will be I Paid.then click on associate and adsense account

9.See a  new screen and put your youtube channel address on I will show ads  and click on continue

now you see a new page give your infomation here. then click on submit

now wait 1-2 hours for approve
now you see the confirmation massage

How to link your websiteto adsense

1. sign in your adsense account and go to account setting.

2. here you see a link Sites authorized to show ads click here

3. add your website(blogger) url  where you show ads create my ad unit and place it in your site.

thank you for stay with me

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