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Blogger Magic - Changing The Blog Title

Some blog owners start a blog - then discover that they gave the blog the wrong name.

Unlike changing the Blog Name (Address), changing the Blog Name (Title) is not complicated.

You can change the title of a blog, any time you wish.

The blog name (title) is an important blog component. Changing the title is not difficult.

  1. Use the Blogger dashboard Settings - Basic page.
  2. Click the "Edit" link, next to "Title".
  3. Make the change, as necessary.
  4. Click "Save changes".

Go to the dashboard Settings - Basic page.

Click on "Edit", for "Title".

Make the change, as necessary. Click "Save changes".

The next post you publish will display the right title, in any search engine lists, and shares. If the blog uses FeedBurner, to distribute by email or provide improved newsfeed subscriptions, you may want to check the feed title also.

What effect will this have, on search engine content?

When you change the title, all of the existing posts will still be indexed, under the old title. All of the SERP entries will show the old title - and the blog will be searchable using the old title.

As the blog is re indexed, the search engines will pick up the new title. This won't happen, immediately, though.

And the people who find the blog, when searching on the old title - and click on a SERP entry referencing the blog - will see the blog with the new title.

The #Blogger blog title is a key blog component, which can be changed any time convenient. This is a very simple change - and can be done without planning.

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