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Gmail Alerts on your Mobile for FREE

Recently Google launched their Google SMS service and I have been using it to full potential as of now. I have 3 sms Gmail Alerts on your Mobile for FREEchannels,one for this website which you can join here . Being a technogeek (sarcasm) I get loads of emails everyday,no its not like I m spammed by my fans (sarcasm again..) but still,sometimes i wish that I can check my mails as soon as they come,anywhere,anytime. Of course I use GPRS/EDGE to surf net on my handset,but that costs me money which I don't have. SO I got the brilliant idea of using Google sms service in order to receive email alerts on my cell phone for free. Interested ? Read on then..

Here is How to do that -

Google tends to put everything as a feed,secure and unsecure. Your emails are also published as Atom feeds by google by the syntax of -

first formulate your URL as a feed by replacing your username and password with the above given one.

Then go to feed burner,create an account (if you don't have one),log into it and enter this feed address which you created and burn a new feed.

go to feed burner,create an account

It will ask for Feed name and Feed Title,and then click next and burn a feed right now by clicking next and next one more time.

Enter feeed details

Enter feeed details

Now you will be at your feed management menu,click on Publicize and then at bottom corner,click on NOINDEX option (since you don't want your email and pass to be discovered y every other guy on this planet) and uncheck all options and click Activate.

MAKE SURE TO NONDEX YOUR FEEDS Congrats,you have created a feed channel for your email. Copy your Feedburner Feed address which you created above.

Now go to Google SMS channels,and create a new account there,enter your cell phone number ,go through usual mombo-jumbo (you know the drill) and make a new sms channel.

Go to google sms and make a new channel

and enter information about your SMS channel. Enter Feed URL into RSS/ATOM feed option (the feed burner URL you copied earlier) and choose invitation only and publishing by Only me.

Configure and you are good to go

Click on create channel and Voila,your are done. You will now get Email alerts of your Gmail account on your mobile.

Keep Learning.

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