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Cyber Warfare - Building Your Nation's Cyber Army - Digital Arm Force

This article will be showing you why we need to really think of our nation’s cyber army. Where we are, which digital weapons we have? What are the challenges faced by your countries in the digital world. So, How to overcome this problem? How to recruit your digital arm force smartly? This article will help the government as well as private security firms too.

         History of Hacking

Over the past years we have seen many big hacking case studies which lead us to think seriously about cyber crime world. Some of the stories I want to share with you.

Moonlight Maze:Although the feds aren't talking publicly about a three-years-plus cyber-attack believed to be coming from Russia, a member of the U.S. National Security Agency's Advisory Board says the case, dubbed "Moonlight Maze," reveals huge cracks in the U.S. government's defense system. The Moonlight Maze stealth attack, which has targeted sensitive but unclassified information since it was launched in March 1998, is the "largest sustained cyber-attack" on the U.S., according to Adams. (Abreu, 2001)


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