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Learn How To Hack With HackingSchool Training

Probably most of you have heard about Udemy e-learning platform. Recently I’ve had a pleasure to take a look at Hacking School Training, which is an introductory course for anyone that is interested in learning about Ethical hacking and system security. The author does a great job covering wide variety of topics, some of them do require improvements, but overall it's a great one.

Course Content

According to the information found on the products page, there are 11 hours of content in 46 lectures containing 19 videos. A brief look at the topics is enough to say, that 11 hours is just the time you need to get through the materials. You’ll absolutely have to make the exercises , presented in the videos, on your own to consolidate the knowledge.

I wouldn't expect anyone without at least basic knowledge of Linux, networks and programming to take this course, but the required basic knowledge supplemented with this course will help you understand the principles of computer security and will provide you with solid foundations to become an expert. The course covers a broad range of topics. Even if you already have some practice e.g. in exploiting website vulnerabilities, you’ll be surprised by exploring new topics.

Linux Distro 

For those who are less experienced the most important will be the attacks, which every IT security specialist should know. The training is provided with Training Operating System, which is a LiveCD Linux distro armed with special tools, which are necessary to make the exercises. It is a great convenience that you’re already equipped with everything you need to go through the course. Simply install the system on virtual machine and start practicing.

Additionally almost all examples are presented in the videos. You’re being guided step by step how to perform an attack, beginning with fingerprinting and making research on a target, through source code compilation (if needed), exploit preparation, tools installation, ending with an attack itself.

What’s important is that the mechanisms that are being exploited are every time explained. If you don’t know yet how do networks, memory or processor registers work, you will definitely find this information in explanation of prepared attacks. You’ll find some curiosities like the history of internet as well. Luckily the course doesn’t only focus on easy topics like passwords cracking. It brings up the subjects of buffer and heap overflow attacks, webserver attacks, exploiting system kernel vulnerabilities.

All of this is supported with proof of concepts. You’re not only taught how to use the exploits, but also how to write them on your own. Eventually there is a part devoted to securing the system step by step, improving security by installing patches or by using intrusion detection systems.

So far this course has been taken by almost 500 users. There is also another course from Hacking School available on Udemy, Website Hacking in Practice, which focuses strictly on website attacks:


Personally, i feel that course is really good considering it's price i would recommend to any one who would like to get started, the best part is it being a hands on course, however there are some areas of improvements with topics like Buffer, Heap overflows which should have been covered in much detail. Also, i really liked the last part where the author explains about certain insecurities in webservers and how you should harden it.


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