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How to Install Android 4.3 on VMware

Intro - Android is a Linux-based operating system.This open-source code and permissive licensing allows the software to be freely modified and distributed by device manufacturers, wireless carriers and enthusiast developers.

         1.      Android-x86-4.3.ISO (Download here)
         2.      Any Virtual Machine Software (recommended VM player & VM workstation)

1. Go to file and click on new
                                                                                      (click image for large view)

2. Select typical and click next

3. Select ISO file and click next

4. You can rename your OS and also you can choose where do you want to install your OS means in which drive or directory.

5. Resize your OS installation disk size It should be more than 2 GB for comfort and click on Next

6. Just click on finish

7. After booting your ISO the screen will show like given Image & select Installation

8. Select Create/Modify partitions & click ok

9. Now select New

10. Select Primary

11. Let it be default & press Enter

12. Now select Write & press Enter

13. Type Yes & press Enter

14. Select Quit& press Enter

15. Select sda1 & press Enter

16. Select ext3 & press Enter

17. Select Yes & press Enter

18. Select Yes & press Enter

19. Select Yes & press Enter

20. Select Run Android-x86 & press Enter 

21. It starts Booting (takes some time) as shown in below image

22. Select the language & click Start

23. It takes some time to Load as shown in below image

24. You can select the available Network or just click Skip

25. Select Yesto setup your Account or No to setup later

26. Set the Time& Date. Click Here

27. Provide the User name & Click Here

28. After everything set Desktop screen will appear as shown in below image  

29. These are Default Apps

30. You can check the Android version in Setting→AboutTablet
(click image for large view)

Credits goes to - d00z13

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