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Cowsay in Kali linux

Cowsay generates an ASCII picture of a cow saying something provided by the user. If run with no arguments, it accepts standard input, word-wraps the message given at about 40 columns, and prints the cow saying the given message on standard output.

1. How to install – Open terminal, type apt-get install cowsay and Press Enter.
(Click on image for large view)

2. The –b option initiates Borg mode.
Syntax - /usr/games/cowsay –b Message
Ex - /usr/games/cowsay –b Brog mode

2A. If you logged in as an user (not root) then command syntax will be change.
Syntax : hell@MrQuiety:/root$ cowsay –b Message
Ex : hell@MrQuiety:/root$ cowsay –b Brog mode

3. The –d causes the cow to appear dead.
Syntax - /usr/games/cowsay –d message
Ex - /usr/games/cowsay –d Dead

4. –g invokes greedy mode.
Syntax - /usr/games/cowsay –g message
Ex - /usr/games/cowsay –g greedy mode

5. –p cause a state of paranoia to come over the cow.
Syntax - /usr/games/cowsay –p message
Ex - /usr/games/cowsay –p Merry Christmas 

6. –s makes the cow appear thoroughly stoned.
Syntax - /usr/games/cowsay –s message
Ex - /usr/games/cowsay –s stoned

7. –t yields a tired cow.
Syntax - /usr/games/cowsay –t message
Ex - /usr/games/cowsay –t tired

8. –w is somewhat the opposite of –t.
Syntax - /usr/games/cowsay –w message
Ex - /usr/games/cowsay –w Merry Christmas

9. –y brings on the cow’s youthful appearance.
Syntax - /usr/games/cowsay –y message
Ex - /usr/games/cowsay –y youthful

10. –f option specifies a particular cow picture file (cowfile) to use. In this example I am showing you a dragon picture.
Syntax - /usr/games/cowsay –f <cowfile> message
Ex - /usr/games/cowsay –f dragon Merry Christmas

11. A snowman with –f option.
Syntax - /usr/games/cowsay –f <cowfile> message
Ex - /usr/games/cowsay –f snoman Merry Christmas

12. This command is use to view the cowfile list. Choose any of them and put them as cowfile in command and enjoy Christmas.
Syntax - /usr/games/cowsay -l

13. cowthink – If the program is invoked as cowthink then the cow will think its message instead of saying it. You can run all cowsay’s option with cowthink.
Syntax – /usr/games/cowthink –d message
Ex- /usr/games/cowthink –d dead

14. Combination of fortune and cowsay.
Ex - /usr/games/fortune | /usr/games/cowsay

14A. If you logged in as an user (not root) then command syntax will be change.
Ex - : hell@MrQuiety:/root$ fortune | cowsay

15. In this example you can see we are using cowsay option(-d) with the combination command of fortune and cowsay. You can also do same with cowthink.
(Click on image for large view)

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