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Hack Windows Admin Password Using Win7 Usb/DVD

Many people forgot their Windows 7 password as well Many people want to get access to other's Admin account. In both cases I am going to show you a solution or In Geeky Shows words I am going to show you How to Hack Windows 7 Admin Password.
Many people still don't know that we can easily reset our forgotten windows 7 password so they just format their PC and loose lots of data. I am sure this article going to help those peoples a lot and the credit goes to our dear Author Mr d00z13.

1. First of all Open BIOS on your system and Set DVD/USB as your 1st boot order.
(Click on image for large view)

2. Insert DVD/USB and Boot your computer with it.

3. Wait for the windows to load files

4. Click Next

5. Click on Repair Your Computer

6. Select Windows 7 and Click Next

7. Click on Command Prompt

8. Soon Command Prompt will be open. You need to write syntax: copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\ and Press Enter, You will get a message '1 file(s) copied.

9. After that Type copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe and Press Enter. It will ask for overwrite type YES and Press Enter.

10. You have almost done most of the work, close the command prompt and Click Restart

11. Now Boot Normally. It will good if you will remove/Eject your Bootable Pendrive or DVD otherwise it will again bring you to windows 7 installation area.

12. When Log in Screen appears, Press SHIFT Key 5 Times quickly. It will open Command Prompt.

13. Now Write Syntax: net user username newpassword and Press Enter
Note: Remember Replace Username with your own Username as well replace new password with your own password

14. You have done. Close the command prompt and LOG IN with New Password.
(Click on image for large view)
Author: Mr d00z13

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