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Google AdSense Payment Methods

After joining Google AdSense the first thing came to my mind was how can i withdraw my money from the google adsense So, I wondered about AdSense payment methods which i am going to share with you. The payment methods, through which publishers can receive their earnings, are listed below.

Western Union: The most convenient way of receiving money from AdSense is the Western Union Quick Cash. When your earnings reach the minimum payout threshold of $100, they are calculated and verified by 7th of next month and are issued between 22nd to 28th of the next month. You can view the payment details in your AdSense account dashboard. Once the payment is issued, you are given an MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) which can be obtained from AdSense dashboard. You can then collect your AdSense earnings from any Western Union agent by giving him the MTCN, your NIC or any other document’s copy and payment details including the received amount and sender’s information.

Standard Checks : Second popular method of receiving AdSense payments is via standard checks. When your earnings reach the payout threshold, you are sent a check from Google. This check can be cashed out in your local currency. Receiving payments via Standard check isn’t recommended, as it takes long to reach the check to you. Secondly, the check may get misplaced.

Check via Secured Express Delivery: It costs a fee of $25. When you choose this method for receiving your AdSense earnings check, your check is delivered through a secured courier service and you are also given a tracking number through which you can check the status of your check’s delivery. This method is much more secure and faster than the standard check delivery and the check will be delivered to you within 5-10 business days.

Receiving Payment by EFT (Money deposit in Direct in Bank a/c): Electronic Funds Transfer or EFT is the fastest and most secure method of receiving your AdSense earnings, but unfortunately, this method is currently available in some chosen countries only. When you choose EFT as your payment method, your AdSense earnings are deposited directly into your bank account and they are converted to the local currency.

Minimum Payout Threshold
The minimum payout threshold for AdSense earnings is $100. When your earnings reach this limit in a particular month, you will be issued the money by 28th of next month. For example if your September’s earnings reach $100, they will be calculated and verified by 7th October and will be issued to you between 22nd -28th of October.

This was the information about AdSense payment methods and the minimum payout threshold. I hope it helped you a little in understanding the payment process of AdSense.

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