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Kali Linux Cook Book

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Kali Linux Cookbook
- Over 70 recipes to help you master Kali Linux for effective penetration security testing.
The recipes presented in this book assume that you have a computer system with enough RAM, hard drive space, and processing power to run a virtualized testing environment. Many of the tools explained will require the use of multiple virtual machines running simultaneously.
The virtualization tools presented in Chapter 1, Up and Running with Kali Linux, will run on most operating systems.
This book is for anyone who desires to come up to speed in using some of the more popular tools inside of the Kali Linux distribution or for use as a reference for seasoned penetration testers. The items discussed in this book are intended to be utilized for ethical purposes only.
Attacking or gathering information on a computer network without the owner's consent could lead to prosecution and/or conviction of a crime.
We will not take responsibility for misuse of the information contained within this book. For this reason, we strongly suggest, and provide instructions for, setting up your own testing environment to execute the examples contained within this book.
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