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How to use arping in kali linux

Intro -  The Address Resolution Protocol is a request and reply protocol that runs encapsulated by the line protocol. It is communicated within the boundaries of a single network, never routed across internetwork nodes.
Here ‘Never routed across internetwork nodes’ means Non-Routable works only on your LAN. you can get IP address and MAC address of device in your LAN.
 This tool is basicly used to know MAC Address if you know your victime IP address

1. How to open arping
A. GUI Method
Application → Kali Linux → Information Gathering → Live host Identification → arping
                                                                             (click on image for large view)

B. Open terminal and type arping hit enter

2. This command is used to find out MAC address by using victim IP address
Syntax – arping –c ‘no. of request’ Ip Address
Ex – arping –c 4

3. This command is used to findout IP address by using victim MAC address. The output is what you would typically see when pinging a MAC address using arping. Most devices block the ICMP echo requests that are sent via arping. Unfortunatlly you can say this is useless…L
(click on image for large view)

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