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How to use detect_sniffer in kali linux

Intro –  Sniffing detection is basically detecting if there are any sniffers in your network. The main feature of sniffers that is used to detect them is that they place the network card in promiscuous mode, listening for all traffic. Typically, a sniffer is placed on a machine with a full TCP/IP stack which will be affected by this mode.
1. How to open detect_sniffer
A. GUI Method

Application → Kali Linux → Information gathering → Live Host Identification → detect_sniffer6
                                                                                      (click image for large view)

B. Open Terminal type detect_sniffer6 and hit enter

2. This is our backtrack 5 (target machine). Here we are running wireshark so we can detect sniffer in our kali linux. IF you want to test this tutorial you also need to run wireshark before other steps.

3. Here we are running our command and we got our target ipv6 address. You can see yourself
1st image is our attacker machine’s image here we can see our target ipv6 address and 2ndimage is our target machine’s image.
Syntax – detect_sniffer6 interface name
Ex – detect_sniffer6 eth0

(click image for large view)

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