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PenQ: Open source Linux based penetration testing browser bundle

PenQ is an open source Linux based penetration testing browser bundle we built over Mozilla Firefox. It comes pre-configured with security tools for spidering, advanced web searching, fingerprinting, anonymous browsing, web server scanning, fuzzing, report generating and more.

PenQ is configured to run on Debian based distributions including Ubuntu and its derivative distros, and penetration testing operating systems such as BackTrack and Kali.With all its integrations, PenQ is a powerful tool. Be mindful of what use you put it to. Responsible use of PenQ can help secure web apps in a zap.


  • OWASP WebScarab
  • OWASP WebSlayer
  • Nikto Web Server Scanner
  • Wfuzz Web Application Fuzzer
  • Mozilla Add-ons Collection
  • Integrated Tor
  • OWASP Penetration Testing Checklist
  • PenTesting Report Generator
  • Vulnerability Databases Search
  • Access to Shell and System Utilities
  • Collection of Useful Links
Download and more info:

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