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Malware Not To Decrease Any Time Soon!

There are now more than 1 billion smartphone users around the world, many of whom are connected to always-live cloud services. While e-mail and social media accounts are synced with their PC counterparts to create a seamless solution for cross-platform communication, we are now beginning to see some of the major security issues that have been created.
Malware, software intended to damage or take control of a computer system, is spreading through these open channels causing infections at alarming rates. In 2012, mobile malware increased by 1200% and 32% of desktop computers were identified as being infected with a trojan, worm or virus. Many of these infections can be avoided by using a freeware software solution such as Spybot, although new types of malware are released daily that can avoid immediate detection. In the following infographic some incredible statistics have been compiled into a guide explaining the process of infection, the information at stake and helpful tips on protecting yourself from a technological and potentially identity-stealing disaster.
Malware Infographic

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