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Launching Our Penetration Testing Services

For past couple of months there has been a significant increase in the freelance security testing projects we were doing here at RHA. However, we never officially documented our testing services and a single post defining our services was not enough to reach to a wider audience. Therefore i thought to launch my own Penetration testing/Security testing company and we have named it "RHA InfoSec".

What We Are offering?

We are offering wide range of security testing services, however our major focus would on on the following ones:

1) CMS Security Testing
2) Server Security Testing
3) Network Security Testing
4) Source Code Analysis
5) Denial of service testing. 

WebApplication Penetration Testing

We here at RHA InfoSec are a fan of OWASP methodology, because we believe that it covers almost everything. OWASP testing methodology is recognized and is widely accepted around the globe. Here are contents of OWASP Testing Methodology.

Network Penetration Testing

Networks Pentests are one of the most difficult ones to perform and requires a lot of expertise as networks can be very complex, With the advent of firewall, IDS and IPS. Network Pentesting can be some times very difficult. At RHA Infosec we can perform both Internal and external network Penetration testing on the most complex environments.

CMS Testing

We here at RHA InfoSec specialize in CMS security, we look for vulnerable plugins, and Flash based files and other common Vulnerabilities on your website according to OWASP Standards. In the end we would deliver you a report of the findings Based upon the priorities and the risk, along with it we also write the countermeasures that you need to take in order to eliminate the vulnerabilities.

Got Hacked?

If you have got your website defaced or hacked and looking for a prompt response, we have created an emergency page dedicated to our customers who have got their website hacked and looking for an immediate review on their website.

Our emergency page is located here.

Your Feedback

RHA wouldn't had grown as much as it's today, if you people didn't motivate me, I want to hear your feedback regarding our newly launched company. Suggestions/critics are welcomed in order to improve our website.

P.S I would like to specially thank our blog reader "Muhammad Gazzaly" for designing our services site. 

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