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CERT Security Certifications

The name computer emergency response team is the historic designation for the first team (CERT/CC) at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). CERT is now a registered service mark of Carnegie Mellon University that is licensed to other teams around the world. Some teams took on the more generic name of CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) to point out the task of handling computer security incidents instead of other tech support work. Because CERT is a registered trademark owned by Carnegie Mellon University, it should not be used interchangeably with CSIRT.
The history of CSIRTs is linked to the existence of malware, especially computer worms and viruses. Whenever a new technology arrives, its misuse is not long in following. The first worm in the IBM VNET was covered up. Shortly after, a worm hit the Internet on November 3, 1988, when the so-called Morris Worm paralysed a good percentage of it. This led to the formation of the CERT/CC at Carnegie Mellon University under a U.S. Government contract. With the massive growth in the use of information and communications technologies over the subsequent years, the now-generic term "CSIRT" refers to an essential part of most large organisations' structures.

Certified Computer Security Incident Handler (CSIH)

The CERT®-Certified Computer Security Incident Handler (CSIH) certification program has been created for incident handling professionals, computer security incident response team (CSIRT) technical staff, system and network administrators with incident handling experience, incident handling trainers and educators, and individuals with some technical training who want to enter the incident handling field.

It is recommended for those computer security professionals with three or more years of experience in incident handling and/or equivalent security-related experience.
SEI Certifications support the transition of best practices in various technologies. More specifically, SEI-Certified Computer Security Incident Handlers
  • are knowledgeable and skilled in the latest practices in the cyber security field
  • will produce high-quality results
  • have the abilities and skills to help an organization reach goals
  • have completed a industry leading qualification track
  • committed to a professional code of conduct that separates them from all other practitioners in the field
  • ensure that the organization stays current on recent innovations and research in the computer security field.
The certification program supports those who are computer security incident handling or incident responder professionals, computer security incident response team (CSIRT) members, network security technical staff, and other information assurance practitioners who are involved in incident handling functions.

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