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I’ve been signed up for Bidvertiser since I started working online but didn’t put much importance in this pay per click website. They paid me recently and this is why I am so excited with this platform. Bidvertiser is just like Google Adsense and here you can get some ads to put on your website or Blog or WordPress etc. You will be getting paid when someone clicks on the ad. This is a cool for you can earn money online. It’s easy to sign up for Bidvertiser. They provides free publisher account. Once you’re approved, you can start putting ads on your page and earn money. To get started, click on, “Add a new bidvertiser” tab and add your website URL. Now one website can’t be registered in two accounts. You have to choose a category of your website and this will show up adds relevant to that category. Once you’re done, you can click on the “template” to choose the ad format, color and style. Click on “Get code” to get your ad code. Here are the reasons why it’s a better alternative to adsense.

1. They show higher paying ads: This is why the name is “Bidvertiser.” Your ad unit will show up the maximum paid ads each. This means you will have the chance to earn more money per click.

2. Add as much units you wish: If you’ve ever used adsense, then you will know that you can’t put 3 add units per page. But in bidvertiser, you can put as many ad units you want meaning more revenue. It’s a better choice for longer pages.

3. Minimum payout $50: Adsense pays a minimum of $100 per month but bidvertiser will pay you even if you made half of that. Their minimum paying check amount is $50. Now you can wish to choose bidvertiser.

4. PayPal Payments: PayPal users, it’s a good info that bidvertiser pays you with PayPal, same day payment. The minimum payout for paypal is only $10, isn’t that wonderful?

5. Custom ad units: You can also create a custom ad unit for your website. This is a feature, adsense dosn’t have. You can choose the size(Width, Height) and even fonts.

6. Current bids: These are some info that adsense will never shared with anyone. You can see the current bid of your ad unit. See the list of ads and bid amount and you will learn how much you can earn with a particular ad.

7. $20 Ad bonus: This is a promotional offer from bidvertiser. If you sign up for an advertiser in bidvertiser, you will get $20 ad credit for free. You don’t have to spend anything else until you have your free credit. This is sure a great way to promote your site.

8. Refferal bonus: Bidvertiser offers different advertiser and publisher commissions. All you have to do is to add some of the affiliate links and banners in your website. Once a person joins and spends or earns an amount of money, you will be paid a commission.

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