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List of offline and downloadable vulnerable web applications for Penetration and Security Testing with that can be installed on a standard operating system (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, etc) using a standard web platform (Apache/PHP, Tomcat/Java, IIS/.NET, etc).
  1. The BodgeIt Store (Java): 
  2. The ButterFly Security Project (PHP): 
  3. bWAPP - an extremely buggy web application! (PHP): 
  4. Damn Vulnerable Web Application - DVWA (PHP): 
  5. Damn Vulnerable Web Services - DVWS (PHP): 
  6. OWASP Hackademic Challenges Project (PHP): 
  7. Google Gruyere (Python): 
  8. Hacme Bank (.NET): 
  9. Hacme Books (Java): 
  10. Hacme Casino (Ruby on Rails): 
  11. Hacme Shipping (ColdFusion): 
  12. Hacme Travel (C++): 
  13. OWASP Insecure Web App Project (Java): 
  14. Mutillidae (PHP): 
  15. OWASP .NET Goat (C#): 
  16. Peruggia (PHP): 
  17. Puzzlemall (Java): 
  18. Stanford Securibench (Java) & Micro: 
  19. SQLI-labs (PHP): 
  20. SQLol (PHP): 
  21. OWASP Vicnum Project (Perl & PHP): 
  22. VulnApp (.NET): 
  23. WackoPicko (PHP): 
  24. OWASP WebGoat (Java): 
  25. OWASP ZAP WAVE - Web Application Vulnerability Examples (Java):
  26. Wavsep - Web Application Vulnerability Scanner Evaluation Project (Java): 
  27. WIVET - Web Input Vector Extractor Teaser: 

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