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How to hack an IP addess of a remote computer

What can you do with an IP address?
Well you can hack a computer using it's IP address.
You can find the location of the computer using its IP address.

Things required:
1)  PHP script to catch the IP.
2) .txt file to store the IP.
you can download them from here.

Step 1: First create an account in any free webhosting site.
          examples are
Step 2: Extract the IP finder script you have downloaded.
Step 3: Now Upload the files onto the free web hosting site.
Step 4:Give the link of ip.php script to your friend.

When he clicks the link, his IP address will be strored in the ip_log.txt file.


Here i have uploaded my scripts on to

and i clicked the ip.php link.
Now my IP address is stored in the ip_log.txt file

You can check out this with
Finding the location of the computer:
Now pick the IP address you got from the victim and open
here enter the IP address in the box and click "find location".
Thats it..

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