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Advance Introduction About Blogger Part 1

This Articles will tell you everything about blog. Everything in the sense which is useful and generally you should know before/after creating a blog through google blogger. I am damn sure after this advance introduction no one will feel hesitate to create a New blog.
1. After log in you will see a structure like below image. View Image for more info.
In this window :
  • Blog Title
  • Find out Total Number of Posts
  • Find out Total Page Views
  • Create New Post 
  • Go to Post List
  • More Options
(Click image for large view)

2. Click on Overview from Menu
3. This is our Overview Window. View Image for more info
What can you do in this window :
  • Go to Blogger List
  • Create New Post
  • View Post
  • Visit Blog
  • Blog Updates
  • Blog Stats
  • Blog Traffic Source
  • Blog Audience

4. This is our Posts Window. 
In this Window:
  • You can see your published and Draft Posts
  • All Posts 
  • Post's Labels
  • Author Name
  • You can Publish your draft post.
  • You can revert your publish post to draft
  • You can Delete Post
  • Total number of comments
  • Total number of Post Views

5. This window will show you only your draft posts.

6. This window will show you only your published posts.

7. This is Pages window. 
In this Window:
  • You can create a New Pages
  • You can see or rearrange your published and draft Pages.

8. This is Comments Window.
In this Window:
  • You can manage your published and spam comments 
  • You can moderate your comments 
  • You can see your commentator's name

9. This is Google+ window. Using this option you can connect your blog to Your Google+ account. This is useful for gaining the traffic.

10. This is Adsense window. Everyone wants to make money online so this is the option for making money online through blog. 
(Click image for large view)

Are you a Beginner ?
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  3. Create a New Post in Blogger
  4. Post Picture to Blog 
  5. How to Add Labels to Your Post
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