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how to become a good hacker

Before you can start learning about hacking, or anything like that you need some fundamental knowledge about how the computer works, how the CPU interacts with the other hardware such as your RAM, or Network-card.This will give you a much more clear picture of how hacking is done. I would recommend you reading this book:

There is a few chapters in this book that you don't have to read, like how the harddisk works, because that is not important for us! 

You need to focus on how the computer thinks, and by that i mean how it interacts with the binary numeral system.If you can answer 

these 3 questions, then your ready to go.

1. How does a computer work?2. How does the CPU interact with the RAM?3. How does the computer perform an action, like opening a program, or starting up?

When you got that set, your then ready to move on to the world of assembly. If you don't know Assembly Programming Language, then learning how to hack is very difficult. Because when you know how assembly works, you know how the different CPU registers interacts with each other, how memory/RAM works and interact with the CPU and other hardware, how the different types of storage works, and so on..

And that is a very important thing to know when you want to learn how to hack.Because things such as a buffer overflow is only understood, exploited, and used when you know how the Cpu register EIP, the stack, a buffer, works. And that is what Assembly is going to show you because when your talking about assembly programming, your talking about programming in the hardware, because it is the lowest level of programming just before the binary numbers..:-) 

It gives you a clear picture of what Asm is, how it work, how the RAM and the CPU works, how the different registers in the cpu is used to manipulate data, and how a buffer is made and works.The book is of course also going to teach you how to program in Assembly! A real hacker knows assembly! Trust me! This book is going to teach you so much important stuffs.

When you will finish this book you will feel happy, because you know and can tell other people how the computer works down at the lower level.

Now when you have reached this point, you really feel like stopping, because the Assembly was a bit hardcore. BUT DONT! The fun haven't even started yet.. Now when you know how the computer works, and you know how to program in Asm, and have gained knowledge about the CPU and other hardware, its time to move on to "The C programming Language". 

Get some books and start to learn C. is also a good place to learn the basics of computer languages.

The reason why you should learn C programming language is because almost all programs/OS's are written in C/C++, like Windows, and the OS's from Linux, such as Ubuntu and BT5. It is the most used language today, and if you know how to program in C you have a great chance further on. The most expensive and best exploits are also written in C, with some Asm in it, because with Asm you have full control over the program you are writing.Now after this you should try some other languages too.The more languages you will know the more it will be helpful.

Now when you have reached this point you really know a lot about programming, and computers. I would even say that if you have made it this far,you do have a great chance of getting some very good skills as a hacker.

There is only one more think you need to learn before moving on into the world of hacking. That is TCP/IP knowledge! Every good hacker in the world knows how a network works. By that i mean how the different layers, ports, protocols, applications, and systems works.Get some knowledge on this.

If you have made it this far, give yourself a hand! You have gained the knowledge nearly equal to that a real hacker have got! So now! It time to move on to the real deal.:-)

Well I hope you enjoyed my little post.But remember! to be a good hacker you always have to read a lot and keep knowing new things about computes and how they work. 

So don't stop. The more you read, AND TRY! The wiser and better you'll be at the end.

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